Shoppers at Anniversary Event

Celebrate and celebrate often in your store – throughout the year! Promotions and celebrations in your shop are great ways to attract new customers and keep existing customers coming through the door.  Everyone loves a party and if you can tie it in with your customer and your shop’s experience you can have not only a fun time but a profitable one as well! There are so many opportunities for your store to celebrate, here’s just a few:

National Holidays like Fourth of July or for a little French country boutique, Bastille Day celebrations are a great mid summer reason to celebrate! In early spring try on a Cinqo de Mayo party. Mark items down to $5 or take $5.00 off everyone’s purchase for the day! Be creative and tie in themed discounts and promotions for your customers to take advantage of.

Anniversaries Your store’s anniversary is another great opportunity to invite your customers in the door! And lasting another year in this economy is reason enough to celebrate!  Celebrate with mini vanilla (chocolate can be messy!!) cupcakes (barter with a local bakery for advertising in your promotional materials) and sparkling cider (or champagne if you can!).

Holidays Many boutique owners have Holiday Open Houses around the Christmas and Hanukkah season – which can be a great way to kick off the busy shopping season! But don’t forget the other big holidays  – sponsor a Spooky Walk for Halloween, plan an evening Singles Only party for Valentine’s Day or just go green on St. Patrick’s Day.

Once you have your party planned – promote your event to all of your customers. Send out proper invitations to customers via email and regular mail, use bag stuffers prior to the event, add a message to the bottom of your receipts announcing the event, make posters, have refreshments, perhaps a local musician would perform for you (at no cost in exchange for promotion), place local ads to attract new customers, decorate the store and open the doors. Well-planned parties are a great way to drive traffic.


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